Wizard League Launched

We’ve had over 24 people at each training session this year (sometimes over 30) which I can tell you without even referring to a calculator (and how many youngsters could do that today?) is enough for 4 teams of 6. So as I contemplated 60 years on the throne while sitting on mine it occurred to me to start a Wizard League in which each week we have two games played simultaneously under near tournament conditions and the results count towards a league position with perhaps a play-off at the end of season BBQ (Andy get your field ready). We might even persuade the Hon Treasurer to splash out on a suitable trinket for the winners.

The teams will be mainly set for the season although there may need to be some swapping on occasion depending on who turns up each Thursday. Ideally, games will be 6 a-side but this would be adjusted depending on players available – excess numbers will provide rolling subs, cheering and refs. Each game will be 14 minutes each way and each team will provide one ref for one half of the game in which their team is not playing (if you catch my drift). Scoring will be 2 points for a win 1 for a draw and sod all for a loss.

The teams will be Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow with appropriately coloured bibs. To get the most out of it teams will be balanced teams and to this end Shayne and I are currently assigning 2 or 3 of the most experienced players to each of the teams and these will provide the leadership for each team and also be the guys who ref the games. It’ll be for each team to decide whether they want to nominate a captain. After circuits on Monday we will have an open session in the Cricks to allocate the remaining players to a team with the leaders of each team providing most of the input. Our intention is to have the league start after the Cambridge tournament on June 21st.

I hope this will provide some continuity between sessions, some focussed competitiveness, oodles of excitement and a reason for living 