We are now officially members of the England Touch Association

With a little over a week to go before the season starts it’s time to dust off your boots and brush up on the rules. Thanks to everyone who has been able to update the online fixtures sheet – it’s been a real success so far and without it it’s near impossible to plan fixtures. If you need to update or still haven’t filled anything in it can be found here.

We are now officially members of the England Touch Association which means we will be at the heart of the sport it grows (and we get cheap insurance!).

So far we’re booked into the London Mixed, CTS Cambridge and Swansea Tournaments. Of these the Swansea Tournament is currently planned as the only overnighter and will be an experience never to be forgotten – so get your name down if it isn’t already!

The fact that you’re reading this means the website is now live and for that we must thank Anton and Josh of Liquid. Thanks also to Anton for the fine publicity posters which we have started to deposit in various sports clubs and pubs. If you can think of a suitable location for one please let me know – and no, my arse isn’t suitable.

We are making progress in organising our own tournament and are settling on Sunday 16th September. We hope to have 5-6 teams from the local area and further afield. Ideally, we’ll enter 2 from Wisborough. Dave is organising some refs from ETA to keep Andy in order…. We are also hoping that the Wisborough Vets footballers are going to join us in a joint tournament. Further updates will come soon.

Finally, if this is live before registration day please save yourself some drinking time on the 26th by completing the online registration form here

See you all on the 26th!


PS Check Dave out …