Horsham Results


We enjoyed a sunny tournament at Horsham. Thanks to those who joined in and we look forward to many of you joining us for the Wisborough Invitational on Saturday 8th September.

Whilst we were trounced by a semi professional 7’s Team in the first game, we narrowly missed victory in the second and third games.

In the second game, we were bullied (3:2) by a bunch of big forwards (dressed in canary yellow) until Leon and Nigel decided to take the law into their own hands. I am not sure it helped matters when Leon called them a bunch of girls and kindly asked them to “man up” and then Nigel clung on to one of their boots as he was dragged down the touch line. Lord only knows what would have happened if Andy had played! Stu also announced his retirement from the game muttering to the referee, “with all due respect, you were rubbish”. Anyway, fun and games…playing Touch without FIT rules can be frustrating at times.

After Gaddy got over his grump and Stu cooled off, we played out last pool game. We evened up 2:2 via good interplay in midfield with the Clark family , Oscar and Byron running diagonals very well.

Bex scored a good try down the wing and Stu and Connor looked dangerous on the inside cut. Mike and Phil took some courageous double hand touches and I was buoyed to see one or two of my hopeful passes going to hand. Unfortunately we let in a last minute try to lose 3:2 and so we were out of the pool stages.

We finished with a social game with the Barns Green Ladies and a few beers. We even managed to take the gazebo down without injury.

MVP: Byron

Rooky Award: Oscar

Niggle Award: Nigel

Sportsmanship Award: Stu

Thanks to all and see you on Thursday!