Brussels 2009

As the season drew to an end and buoyed by our (relative) success in Swansea we decided to push the boat out and entered a magnificent international tournament in Brussels . In a marked contrast to the Swansea outing, this tournament rigorously upheld International FIT rules which suited our style of play and saw us cruise through the group stages, winning our pool. Bex Samuelson was the heroine of the moment, finding form and scoring a couple of blinding tries.

In the knockout stages we were well and truly knocked out and so entered the plate competition once more where the team put in a stirling effort and found themselves in the final – yes the final!

Sadly we were in the Final against France!!

If spirit and effort were Euros we could have bailed out European Central bank such was the collective spirit of the team – sadly, it was not enough and we ended up losing fairly comprehensively, but with heads held high.

Once again the boys and girls hit the bar and stole some success off the field, winning the boat race in the beer tent – ensuring we didn’t leave Brussels completely empty handed.

Gaddy also left with a little more than he bargained for when in one bar a ‘complete stranger’ singled him out to deliver a perfectly executed Brussels kiss. A trip to the hospital and 5 stitches later, the boys debated how a complete stranger could be such a good judge of character to single Mr Gadd out in such a crowded nightclub – still to this day it remains a mystery.

All in all a great road trip, some brilliant performances and some very sore heads – one slightly more so than the others!