2012 London Mixed Social Tournament

Playing in the Mixed Social Tournament at “Grasshoppers” on Saturday, I am pleased to say that we enjoyed a wonderful sunny day of tremendous Touch play, many gruelling on-field lessons, and one hellava run around. I am sure there are many very sore and stiff legs and backs yesterday and today (no excuses not to be at training tonight!)

We were one of the first teams to set up our gazebo, and also one of the first teams to leave (we look forward to seeing pictures from Dave and the girls who stayed on for the Hawaian party!)

According to the referees, we were placed in the “pool of death” and in the round robin games, were pitted against 3 very strong NTS teams. They delivered a good Drive (and pretty much everything else too!). For all involved, it was a good “learning session” and for the pseudo masochists, a wonderful self flagellation.

The first game we led 3:2 at half time. We had tries scored by Phil, Dave and Stuart and some very close calls from Cate on the wing. The underdogs looked like pulling off a win but unfortunately, as the opposition called on their experienced players, and we began to run out of steam, their left and right drives began to wear us down. We didn’t have as much punch to our drives so they pinned us in our half and scored three tries to win 5:3. Two of those tries were soft, including a guy who missed his Touch by a finger tip, outdone by a glorious hip swerve from a lightning speed lady (it wasn’t his fault).

In the next game, we were completely outclassed by a very strong Kiwi team who drubbed us (too many to count). We had a chance for a score but Mike dropped it over the try line…It reminded us all of what happened between Mike and Anton a couple of seasons ago when we should have won in Horsham [ED: if only Mike had been a foot taller].

The third game was closer and we were narrowly beaten. We showed great improvements in defence and the control on our drive was much better. Andy was fierce on defence and it was shame that we didn’t get in for a try which was well deserved. If we were 20% fitter, we could have hustled a draw or even a win.

Our final game was played against a similarly prepared “social” Touch Team who were well organised 15’s team . It was hard fought tussle and both teams looked like scoring on a number of occasions. Lizzie had ordered the girls infield (Stu and Leon played wing )and the tactic proved very effective. The determined defence from all the girls was inspirational and with such determination and a great display of skills from Dave and Phil in the midfield, we managed three great tries. First it was Stuart who scored a great try on the outside, receiving a humdinger pass prom midfield. Next it was a brilliant switch from Dave to put me over the line and finally a “scoop” to seal the victory 3:1.

Player of the Tournament: Nicola for her relentless defence and great presence of mind in the drives

Rooky Award: For top try scorer Stuart who is also likely to take over the “Red Mist” title from Mike

Quote of the weekend, Phil in the car on the way up: “I always used to get confused with the names of the two bald Russians that play with us – Ivan and Leon” [Leon is Russian?!]

Lastly, we are looking forward to our end of season fines evening, not only to punish Andy and Anton for only arriving for 2.25 of the 4 games (leaving the rest to toil in 30 degree heat) but also for Nigel who was schmoozing with JP Morgan and Tony who decided to have a little lie in… Fines also for Shayne for asking for a glass with for his can of beer.

We look forward to Cambridge on 16th June and hope that many of you are up to the challenge!